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Criteria Appointment as Clinical Associate Professor or Clinical Professor Promotion to Clinical Associate Professor or Clinical Professor

Faculty of the School of Medicine whose academic ranks contain the prefix Clinical usually serve in a part-time status.  In exceptional circumstances those faculty whose principal function is to provide clinical service may hold academic ranks with a clinical prefix and receive a salary.

Clinical Associate Professor

The Handbook for Faculty, University of Pittsburgh, 2000 describes an associate professor as one who Ashould possess a doctorate or appropriate professional degree and have substantial experience in teaching and research or applicable professional experience.  The person should show a capacity and will to maintain teaching effectiveness and the ability for continuing growth as a teacher, scholar, and member of his or her profession.  He or she should also have progressed in attaining eminence in a scholarly or professional field.  An associate professor must display consistently mature performance in course and curriculum planning, in guiding and counseling students and junior faculty members, and in participating in the activities of the University.

As volunteer or part-time members of the faculty clinical associate professors must exhibit high levels of skill as practitioners and teachers.  They are expected to contribute actively to the educational programs of the School of Medicine and they must demonstrate the ability to stimulate students and trainees toward a scholarly approach to medical practice.  Such clinical faculty should provide high quality, empathetic patient care, as judged by their peers and should willingly involve their patients in teaching activities.

Clinical Professor

The Handbook for Faculty indicates that Athe rank of professor recognizes the attainment of authoritative knowledge and reputation in a recognized field of learning and the achievement of effective teaching skill.  The professor should have attained superior stature in his or her field through research, writing, professional practice, or leadership in professional and learned organizations, as well as having exceeded the standards described for ranks shown above.  Clinical professors must have achieved undisputed recognition as outstanding teachers and clinicians.  They must demonstrate leadership in design, organization and presentation of material and they will be expected to continue to contribute to the formal teaching programs of the School of Medicine.

Distinguished Service

Clinical associate professors and clinical professors who have contributed substantially to the academic programs of the School of Medicine through extensive service my be awarded the rank of Distinguished Clinical Associate Professor or Distinguished Clinical Professor.  Infrequently granted, these ranks of distinction are a special recognition of senior clinical faculty  by the University for meritorious past service.

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