University of Pittsburgh

Compensation & Incentive Plans

Academic Incentive Plan

As a means of encouraging active participation in the academic mission of the University of Pittsburgh and the UPMCHS, an academic incentive plan for full time department faculty of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has been adopted. This academic incentive plan seeks to quantify and reward faculty productivity and achievements in teaching, research, administration and service.

Department chairs can award to full time faculty up to $15,000 annually as an academic incentive based on the following criteria:

Teaching (Excellence in Teaching)

  1. Medical and graduate student teaching
    • Based on student and course director evaluations (Curriculum Committee to evaluate course directors)
  2. Resident and fellows teaching
    • Based on resident/fellow and program director evaluations
  3. Original teaching contributions (e.g., developing a new course)
  4. Quality service in hard to fill courses (e.g., physical diagnosis)
  5. Teaching awards and honors


  • Nationally competitive awards and honors that do not offer a monetary reward
  • Study sections and other national peer review committees
  • Associate editor or editor of a journal


  • Major Committees (Committee chairs to evaluate committee members)
    • IRB
    • Animal Research
    • Tenure and Non-Tenure Promotion and Appointment Committees

This incentive does not apply where the faculty member is already receiving a payment for the activity.

Additional criteria, which may be critical to departmental specific missions, may be negotiated with the Dean of the School of Medicine.