University of Pittsburgh

Faculty Performance Evaluation (FPE)

Consistent with the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees requirement, each faculty member in the School of Medicine will have a written annual performance review and will submit goals and objectives annually.

The FPE shall consist of three components:

Annual Review – accomplishments for the current year (July through March; due by April 20)

Objectives – goals and objectives for next year (April through March; due by April 20)

Interim Review – accomplishments and progress toward achieving the current year’s goals and objectives (April 1 through September 30, due by October 20); completed by faculty member only if requested to do so by department chair.

FPE information must be kept on file in the chair’s departmental office.  The department chair must certify that the FPE components have been completed, reviewed with the faculty member, and are on file in the departmental office by the applicable deadline dates.  This certification is submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs.

Department chairs are required to submit their own annual reviews and objectives directly to the Dean/Senior Vice Chancellor.

APPEAL PROCEDURE:  If a faculty member does not agree with all or parts of the evaluation, he/she should attempt to resolve these differences informally within the department through the division chief or department chair.  Should this approach not lead to a successful resolution, faculty members may appeal their evaluation to the Dean.  Appeals related to clinical issues will be directed to the President of UPP and appeals related to VA issues will be directed to the VA Chief of Staff.  A faculty member must submit his/her appeal in writing no later than 30 days followed receipt of the evaluation.  A letter addressing the specific reasons for the appeal should be sent to the Office of Faculty Affairs, M-246 Scaife Hall.  Appeal decisions by the Dean are final.