University of Pittsburgh

Policy: Use of Human Cadaver Material Provided through The Humanity Gifts Registry

Policy on Use By University of Pittsburgh Faculty of Human Cadaver Material provided through The Humanity Gifts Registry of Pennsylvania, all body donations are administered and regulated by the Humanity Gifts Registry (HGR), a Commonwealth agency that requires strict inventory and control of all anatomical material. The Department of Neurobiology is the University of Pittsburgh's representative to the HGR, and administers the HGR Program at
the School of Medicine.

The use of anatomical material provided through the HGR Program may be requested by faculty of the School of Medicine and other Schools of the Health Sciences for graduate or undergraduate education, fellow/resident education and continuing professional education purposes.  The use of materials may also be requested by individual faculty members for research purposes. Faculty from certain University of Pittsburgh departments outside of the Schools of the Health Sciences that must offer human anatomy content as part of their undergraduate or graduate curriculum may also request the use of anatomical specimens for
such courses.

A written request must be submitted to the Office for Oversight of Anatomic Specimens, hereinafter referred to as the OOAS.  The request form will be made available on the OOAS website.  The information to be provided includes the type of specimen requested; the exact nature of the use of this material; a description of the research/training project to be conducted; the date and duration of the training/research project; and the length of time and anatomical material will be used, if different from the above.  The form also includes a stipulation that the faculty member requesting to use human anatomical materials must not use or transport these materials outside the gross anatomy laboratory or other approved facility, nor use the material for any purpose other than that which was stated in his/her request.  In addition, the faculty member must affirm that he/she will not transport or use this anatomical material outside the University of Pittsburgh or University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Oakland facilities under any circumstances, without prior written permission from the Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Continuing Medical Education in the Health Sciences, who will notify the Chair of the Department of Neurobiology.  They will work closely together to ensure that all HGR requirements are followed, and that the proposed use of the material is appropriated and does not pose undue risks to third parties.  All specimens remain the responsibility of the Department of Neurobiology, and the property of the University of Pittsburgh, and must be returned to the Department for proper handling after usage.