School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs

SOM Procedure for Faculty Recruitment Requests

The following procedure should be followed for requesting new and replacement faculty positions and new and replacement research associate positions.

  1. Memorandum requesting approval to establish a new position or to request a replacement for an established position. The memo should be addressed to Dr. Ann E. Thompson, Vice Dean, and should contain the following information:
    • Action requested - new or replacement position. If replacement, include the name of the individual being replaced and the position number
    • Academic rank
    • Tenure status (tenure, tenure stream, non-tenure stream)
    • Salary range
    • Source(s) of funding. Include account numbers whenever possible.
    • Description of job responsibilities
    • Time/Effort allocation (% teaching, % research, % clinical, etc.)
  2. Affirmative Action Pre-Audit Search Form
    Note: Section II(A) Composition of Search Committee - Search committees should be comprised of at least 3 individuals (non-tenure stream) or 5 individuals (tenure and tenure stream) and membership should be broadly representative.
    Note: Section II(C) Special Recruitment Resources - The Office of Faculty Affairs can provide contacts to assist with identifying, interviewing, and recruiting women and minority candidates.
  3. Text of classified advertisement(s) to be placed in journals or copy of published classified advertisement(s)
    Note: Tenure and tenure stream positions require a national search and posting of advertisement in at least three journals.
  4. Faculty Position Recruitment Request Form (if SOM/UPP) 

The above information should be submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs, S528 Scaife Hall.