School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs

Tenure Policies

The following policies that relate to tenure shall not be applied retroactively to those who hold tenure; and insofar as these alter prior or existing policies of tenure, they shall have prospective application only.

  • Conferral of tenure, promotion to associate professor orĀ  professor with tenure, and appointment with tenure at the rank of associate professor or professor are made by the Chancellor. The Chancellor takes into account recommendations of the Provost and, if the appointment is in a school of the Health Sciences, of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences.
  • Other appointments, promotions, and renewals of appointments are made by the Provost, who takes into account recommendations from the appropriate dean or campus president or, if the appointment is in a school of the Health Sciences, from the Senior Vice Chancellor and the deans of the Health Sciences.
  • A faculty member who has retired may be reappointed on a yearly basis if the University has a special need for his or her services.
  • The University shall send to each new member of the faculty a letter setting forth the terms and conditions of his or her appointment. Each newly appointed person shall receive a copy of the Faculty Handbook which will summarize the policies governing faculty appointments which are in effect at the time.